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by Rosaria Wetzell (13.10.2020)

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With the busy lifestyles SkinCell Pro Review that we are subjected to, our body is often times overlook. For increased quality of life, we MUST take care of the body we have. The Medical, Health and Fitness Professionals all agree that hydration of your body is of utmost importance. Make sure you drink water throughout each day and keep in mind your body is made up of mostly water. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, is extremely dangerous to your skin other than other factors leading to skin cancer. In 2007 alone, 1,000,000 cases of skin (non-melanoma) cancer have been estimated, with related fatalities nearly 2%. Although, it is not always possible to change our job requirements to be in the sun, we can change our lifestyles and create an answer to this deadly disease. If we can diminish these statistics by just taking care of our skin, our lives will definitely be enriched. Dr. Allan H. Conney of the Laboratory for Cancer Research at Rutgers University has stated that with a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of skin cancer, we can proceed to the next level, beyond testing on mice in the laboratory, to human trials. Also, with the stronger levels of UVB radiation evident today and an upward trend in the incidence of skin cancer among Americans, there is a premium on finding novel ways to protect our bodies from sun damage. Glycerin soap is one of many safe personal care products that may be more appropriate for people with sensitive and/or delicate skin. In an increasingly toxic environment, more and more of us are finding our resistance strained to its limits. Natural skin care products such as glycerin soap are one solution to maintaining a healthy level of hygiene while guarding one's health. What Glycerin-Based Soap Is You may have seen glycerin soap and even used it before without realizing what it was. You can recognize it however, because it is usually transparent and has a rich, dark amber color. This particular sensitive skin care product is made with glycerol (hence the name), which is a naturally-occurring biochemical substance that is a component of fats and oils. It is in fact a form of sugar alcohol inside our bodies it acts as a solvent that helps to down the nutrients from the food we eat into a usable form of energy; without glycerol, we would literally starve to death even if we were full.

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