by Francene Frayer (30.10.2020)

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Some say that it can cause  Bioleptin Review  the body to lose weight, I am not sure of the science behind that theory. But there are, in our bodies different cells, chemicals and receptors that can be triggered by different emotions. Just like doing something we enjoy, like our favorite hobby can release that feel good factor, so can other factors be released, when we are under pressure or feel uptight and they are never feel good factors. One thing that can be released is called Neuropeptide Y or NYP, which is to do with energy balance in our bodies, it is connected with increased food intake and lack of physical activity. This is how under pressure and feeling constantly uptight and stressed can contribute to weight gain as it triggers higher levels of NYP in your body. Yes it can affect your life, have you ever heard the saying 'You Are What You Think', well if your thoughts are filled with worry and anxiety, then you become just that, a person that worries, is anxious and negative and this is what your life will reflect. Negative will flow into your life because that is what you are contributing to the world, you get back what you give. So your whole life becomes affected by these emotions. Yes you can get rid of it, just as you can live a life in the negative, so can you live a life in the positive and when you do, positive flows right back to you. It can be hard to always be in the negative when there are things that are sent to us often to test our patience, but it is achievable. How to get rid of it is to make a conscious decision to stop being negative and stop worrying about things that happen in your life.


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