Joint Relief 911 Review

by Francene Frayer (23.10.2020)

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Sulphur contaning compounds  Joint Relief 911  like Methyl Sulphonyl Methane or MSM is an extremely efficient pain reliever. It has several other health benefits also. It is known to be anti-spasmodic and also curbs inflammation around an injury site. Recent biological researches have suggested that a substance present in human saliva called opiorphin is more effective than morphine as an analgesic. Further experiments are being carried on and scientists are trying to create a natural compound which would be more effctive than morphine but without any side effects or addiction issues. Now you have your exercise plan firmly established you need to progress the distances your neck can move towards its full range and increase the frequency you perform them. As the ranges of movement mostly move towards normal you will likely find that one or two movements are more difficult and slower to return to than the others. Your physio will guide you in how to progress those particular movements. Graded increase in your day to day functional activities should also be pursued, steadily increasing the level of stresses you put through your neck and arms to allow the neck structures to become used to the forces involved. Sticking to the paced method of increasing activity is useful as the pain can still be aggravated if you get too confident too early and do too much too soon. You may have gone back to work or even kept going to work throughout the episode. If you have had to have time off then you should try and go back to work as soon as you can, and not expect to be pain-free before you return.


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