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by Rosaria Wetzell (22.10.2020)

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The targeted Ultra-Rich Eye SkinCell Pro Review Repair Cream is an ultra hydrating cream, which decreases signs of ageing around the eye area, as well as reducing under eye puffiness. For more intensive anti wrinkle products, the Kinerase Ultra-Rich Advanced Repair Serum and the 6 Peptide Intensive Treatment contain extra natural products to boost the s vitality. These anti wrinkle products contain vitamin E, vitamin C, and green tea. Vitamin E acts to improve any previous damage, while vitamin C aids the process with a collagen production. Green tea also helps the skins collagen, preventing its deterioration, whilst helping to soothe the skin and keep it free from blotches. Stretch marks appear on the skin as a result of overstretching on the part of skin affected, as the skin is a very elastic organ. As the overstretching passes, the skin returns to its normal position but with marks on it. The worst areas include the stomach (for pregnant women), breasts and arms. Getting rid of them isn't always easy, but preventing their occurrence should be the first step. The skin, being an elastic organ, is bound to have stretch marks if it is dry. Softening the skin allows for stretching without any marks left. You can soften your skin by routinely taking adequate water. Medications. You can use cream medications to get rid of them. However, some creams are contraindicated for use by particular group of persons. You should read the accompanying instructions carefully. Plant extracts. Plant extract preparations, otherwise known as fruit acids regenerate skin cells. Through this, the top skin layer is removed and the marks eventually disappear. Through dermabrasion. This process involves the use of aluminium oxide crystals, zinc and other chemicals that are jetted on the part of skin with marks. Although this eliminates stretch marks, effects of these chemicals should be looked into. Through the use of machine. The endermologie machine has rollers and it is used to massage the affected part of skin. During the massage process, the machine sucks out any stagnant water and toxins. This leaves the skin fresh and cell regeneration occurs, with unwanted marks fading away. Through surgery. This is undertaken for serious stretch marks.

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