Sniper Vision System

by Rosaria Wetzell (20.10.2020)

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A mild sedative is used Sniper Vision System Review when performing laser eye surgery, the patient remains awake and aware, but is relaxed from the sedative. Anesthetic eye drops are also used to help decrease eye movement and responsiveness of eye muscles to that the surgery is done safely. They start off using a fine blade to make a series of little flaps in the surface of the cornea. The flaps are folded back to reveal the stroma, which is the middle section of the cornea. This lifting and folding back of the flaps can tend to be somewhat uncomfortable for the patient. Next they use an excimer laser to reshape the corneal stroma. The extra "bumps" on the cornea are vaporized. This process is very gentle because the laser has the ability to release molecular bonds that hold the corneal surface cells together, and it leaves the stroma undamaged. When the flaps are lifted, the patient's vision becomes very blurry and filled with light that surrounds the laser light. This can be disorienting, but knowledge of the procedure before having it done alleviates many feelings of encountering the unknown. The procedure is short, and passes relatively quickly. When the surgery is done, the flaps are held back in place with a natural adhesive until it heals itself. Patients are told to avoid sunlight and other irritants for the few days after the surgery. Recovery is usually very quick, and most people feel fine after a couple days. The invention of contact lenses was such a revolutionary progress in the field of ophthalmic, which is no less than a miracle. Previously, there were immensible problems in this field, which were difficult to manage. It was such a top-level development in correcting refractive problems, which were not only extremely complicated but also too expensive, and majority of people were unable to afford it. As it came in the market, not even a single one who preferred glasses after using these lenses.

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