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by Francene Frayer (16.10.2020)

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A heated pet bed is safe to use. It Organifi Gold Tea Review  helps your kitty lead a comfortable life. The low heat supplied also has therapeutic effects in older felines suffering arthritis. However, you must exercise some caution to make it the safest decision. Learn more about using heated beds for pets in this short article. A heat bed for pets is a cushioned furniture unit with a heat setting. The highest temperature setting is usually 102 degrees F or 38.89 degrees C. They are made of different materials such as memory foam. The materials are chew resistant and washable. Beds are also designed in different shapes. There are regular square and rectangular units designed to fit into crates while a few have a fancy rounded shape. The bed can be used indoors as well as in a dry outdoor shelter. We don't realize it, but cats and dogs suffer from arthritic and stiff joints as they age. You might notice that your kitty takes a longer time to get up and stretch after a nap. The incidences are higher in pets that live in cold environments. A heated bed is a good option in such cases. It not only keeps them warm but also helps relieves their aches and pains. It boosts a cat's immune system compromised by cold weather. Besides, a heated cat bed speeds up recovery after illness, injury or operations. It is for these reasons vets recommend heated bed for your furry pet. Temperature control is an important aspect. The temperature should neither be too high nor too low. If it is hot for you, you should reduce the temperature as the cat will not be able to tolerate the heat too. High temperatures can cause injury. You can consult a veterinarian on the appropriate level of heat. A few models are equipped with an automatic shut-off feature. If the temperature increases beyond the normal level, the heater shuts off. However, it should be inspected regularly.


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