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by Francene Frayer (15.10.2020)

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Dark beer isn't the only ingredient <a href=""> Fungus Hack Review </a> you will need for this unusual sounding treatment as anecdotal reports of the popular home remedy also call for the use of white vinegar and sachets of acidophilus. Acidophilus are a group of probiotics or "good" microorganisms that attack the "bad" bacteria responsible for nail fungus. Sachets of the probiotics are sold in health stores and places that sell natural or homeopathic items. The acidic content of the beer and vinegar is also said to create a hostile environment in which the fungus is unable to live and thrive. The beer is used to soften the nails making it easier file and remove the infected areas with a pumice stone or nail file. How to Do a Nail Fungus Beer Treatment Guinness Stout is the brand of beer most often recommended for nail fungus beer treatments although any dark, stout type of beer should bring about the same results when used in conjunction with white vinegar and acidophilus. To use beer for toenail fungus, mix one liter of room temperature beer, another liter of white vinegar, and a half of an acidophilus sachet together in a container large enough to soak your feet in. The feet and nails should always be washed with soap and water and then dried thoroughly before soaking. Soak your feet in the beer mixture for about a half hour twice each day. After soaking, file the nails and then dry the affected areas thoroughly using a hair dryer but be careful not to burn your skin. Depending on how widespread the fungal infection is, nail fungus beer treatments should be done on a twice daily basis for as little as three months to six months or longer.

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