Meditation In A Bottle

by Francene Frayer (14.10.2020)

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Bart was hospitalized for  Meditation In A Bottle Review  his behavior problems in a psychiatric institution twice by the age of five and placed on many different psychiatric drugs. His symptoms continued. Bart's parents brought him to see me. I tested Bart for allergies and sensitivities. When I tested Bart to sensitivity to dairy products, Bart's psychiatric symptoms exhibited themselves with a vengeance. I video tape children like Bart to show the testing process and the various reactions these children can have. This type of testing can be seen on the web site. Bart became aggressive, angry and combative. We had identified the irritant. Removal of all dairy products from Bart's diet alleviated his psychiatric symptoms. Because all of his symptoms appeared to be related to his ingestion of dairy products, Bart could just stop eating dairy products. He did not have to take shots. However, if he had been sensitive to and reacted to many different foods, he would not have been able to easily eliminate all of the foods and probably would have taken shots so that he could continue to eat the foods. After Bart has kept all dairy from his diet for six months, he can try eating it again. If it still causes problems, he should then discontinue it for a year. If he has no problems when he adds dairy back into his diet, he should not eat dairy products more frequently than every four days. This will allow him to continue to eat dairy products without reacting.

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