Uncompromised Life

by Francene Frayer (06.10.2020)

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It is the small things in life  Uncompromised Life Review  that can stall or slow down the arrival of the big thing. It is amazing that a wedding can be delayed by several hours just because of a missing pin on the bride's gown. It is the little foxes that spoil the vine. A tank of milk can be spoiled by a single drop of blood. You want to be great? Pay attention to DETAIL. Do not leave anything to chance. Things will not just happen but will depend on you being DELIBERATE and PURPOSEFUL to write down the small contributors to the success of the whole. The simple, small things are easily forgotten in the hype and process of roll-out. They are usually easily relegated to the dustbin, then we immediately realize the importance when the outcomes are not as expected. Develop CHECKLISTS and SYSTEMS even for the obvious things which we can do in our sleep. That way someone can do what you normally do in your absence. Well established franchises have the exact same result all over the world because their checklists are detailed. I ate a McDonald's burger London, England and in Guangzhou, China and tasted exactly the same as the one I had in Seattle, Washington. Different locations, same excellent, predictable result because they follow well documented steps; not leaving anything to chance. Without those I believe different products will be made all over the world sometimes affected by various cultures where the businesses are. I have always mentioned that I am a man of many passions and abilities. One such area I can give as a relevant example is Wedding Planning. I do not do this as a full time occupation but I help friends and those I lead to come up with excellent weddings without leaving anything to chance.




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