by Rosaria Wetzell (02.10.2020)

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I often hear people LumaSlim Review saying "I have been doing abdominal exercises, why can't I get rid of my belly?" The truth is focusing on abdominal exercises such as crunches or sit ups will only give general results. Most importantly, you have to start burning off the fat at the belly area first, then follow by strengthening and tightening the fats there because our six pack abs are hidden behind that layer of fat. Other than doing exercises, diet is also very important in helping you to get rid of your love handles. Some people think that limiting themselves to eat only salad or minimum amount of food is a good diet plan for losing weight. A good diet plan is not like this. When you are trying to lose weight, some amount of nutrients is also lost during the process. Hence, we need to replenish our nutrients to achieve the maximum effect of great health and weight loss. It would be advisable to incorporate great abundance of fruits, vegetables and water into your diet. You can have your meals into smaller portion, but have it more times a day such as instead of having 3 full meals, you should have 5 smaller meals. This method can help you to curb craving on junk food in between the meals. Most importantly, you have to change the habit of eating suppers, junk food and high sugar content food if you want to get rid of your love handles successfully. Do you know that losing weight too fast can be harmful to your body? This is what most weight loss pills do to your body because it causes you to lose appetite instead eating in right proportion and that can be really dangerous.


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by Armstrong Neil (21.05.2021)
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