Gaias Protocol

by Reta retamasten Masten (01.10.2020)

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On the other hand, while some fad diets may simply Gaias Protocol be considered as being "senseless", others are however considered to be dangerous. Considering these facts and others about fad diets, how then can one actually recognize a fad diet in order to avoid using them?The American Heart Association in order to help promote consumer awareness and safeguard the public against unhealthy fad diets has provided some useful tips. Consumers are therefore advised to note the following in order to ascertain if a diet is a fad diet or not.Is the diet plan trying to promote a "magic" or "miracle" food or some other self-acclaimed proprietary ingredient? When it comes to healthy and successful weight loss, there is no such thing as a "super food" or "magic ingredient" that has the ability to reverse the long-term effects of unhealthy eating and lack of regular physical activity.Is the diet program making claims of being able to "quickly" help you get rid of excess body fat - for instance "lose 10 pounds this weekend"? Such claims by a dieting plan should put you on your guard as it is most likely to be a fad diet. While this may sound very appealing, it is however important to understand that about 75% of the weight loss experienced by using such a dieting plan is mostly from body water loss and just about 25% body fat loss.

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