Joint Pain Hack

by Rosaria Wetzell (09.10.2020)

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Next your arms. Take the palm  Joint Pain Hack Review of your right hand to your left elbow and lift your arm to the level of your chin, stretching out the arm and pointing your hand to the right. Push lightly against your elbow to create some resistance. As you become accustom to the exercise the pressure for resistance can increase. Do the other arm. This really stretches out my arm/shoulder joint and muscles. Great exercise for the mornings as well as if you sit at a computer for an extended time. Do the towel stretch. Take a towel and hold above your head. Move the towel behind the head at an angle...lower on one side than the other and pull. Do the same for the other side. Leg lunges...great stretch prior to gardening. My daughter does lunges prior to her run. Do these lunges as best you can. No need to lunge deeply. Just lunge until you can feel the stretch in your leg. Repeat at least 3 times for each leg. The leg lunge is a great morning exercise. More for the legs. Lay flat on your back, bend your left knee and pull knee to your chin with your hands and release, repeat with the other leg. Do a repetition of three for each leg if you can. First off, let me remind you on the value of good eating habits and drinking plenty of water. Over the years, our family's eating habits have gone from poor to pretty darn good. An increasing number of people are becoming addicted to prescription pain killers. Some of these drugs, like OxyContin, are habit forming and may cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking them. In some instances, a withdrawal regimen is prescribed to gradually reduce the body's reliance on these drugs. OxyContin is similar to morphine and may have the same, if not more, addictive qualities.


Re: Joint Pain Hack

by Armstrong Neil (27.05.2021)
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