by Francene Frayer (03.10.2020)

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Even though the pain you are suffering  Curafen Review  from is centered in your neck, the heart of chiropractic medicine is treatment of the entire body. Each system is connected to the other systems of your body, and chiropractic care is meant to help the body remain healthy as a whole. Your chiropractor will help you determine the cause of your neck pain, and may recommend lifestyle changes as well as regular spinal manipulations to make sure that your neck pain goes away and stays gone. In the days before anesthetics had been discovered, surgeries performed on patients were gruesome beyond description. Post-surgery mortality rates were as high as 40%, and patients were traumatized and mentally scarred for life after the experience. The only anesthetics known to doctors back then were the natural ones - and quite literally so; they believed that falling asleep, becoming unconscious and dying were the only three ways in which nature helped people cope with pain. There are many accounts given by the people of those days about the horrors of surgery performed on them without anesthetics. Dental surgeries, among other medical treatments, were performed after strapping the patient onto a table or a chair to prevent them from moving. Fanny Burney, a famous writer, once had a mastectomy without being given any pain-killers. So traumatizing and gruesome was the experience, that even nine months after the surgery, just thinking about it made her feel weak and develop a headache.

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