by Sylvie Pinley (29.09.2020)

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Fatigue, nausea, dizziness and irritability are other LumaSlim Review symptoms you may experience with this diet. The focus on too much proteins in this diet can also lead to osteoporosis, gout and kidney stones too. You do not need these harmful rapid weight loss diets to keep your weight in check. What is needed is a detailed plan that allows you to eat your favorite foods, although in regulated quantities, and focuses on increasing your metabolism rate through targeted exercises; so you can burn more calories even with the same level of physical activity. One Kilogram of body fat contains roughly 7500 kcal energy. Suppose your requirement is roughly around 180 Kcal/day then if you reduce 250 Kcal from regular food intake and burn another 250 Kcal by exercise, total calorie reduction amounts to 500 Kcal or roughly 3500 Kcal per week, which is equivalent to 1/2 kg of body fat. By knocking out 250 Kcals from diet and burning 250 Kcals, you lose 2 kgs a month, which is considered the safest method of losing weight. Some people after losing weight fail to stick to the programmes and probably due to lack of motivation and enthusiasm, tend to give up exercises, start eating more and gain weight. Temporary setbacks should not bother and hinder a person's weight loss programme. Below are a few points, which weight watchers should keep in mind for losing their weight till the desirable weight is reached: Don't over act - either by cutting down too much or eating more; both are not advisable Don't expect miracles - Some people take up dieting with an ambition and a target such as to get married. This is completely unrealistic. Weight loss is a process. One should focus on losing weight gradually and maintain it in the long run.


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