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by Francene Frayer (22.10.2020)

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The manipulation of a PH  Keravita Pro Review level is not known to create side effects which are harmful to the patient. There are few things that are as natural as lemon juice. There is absolutely no need to add any synthetic elements. Some people argue that saline solutions will create hostile living conditions for the fungal infections. Therefore a patient that regularly soaks their feet in salty solutions will be able to fight off the fungus whereas patients that do not have this opportunity are left to rely on strong medication. Salt is a rather controversial solution given the high levels of Chlorine in swimming water. That does not seem to prevent transmission at the local leisure centre. Although these are not strictly organic, there are patients who rely on them because they do not have negative side effects. Listerine mouthwash is really meant for oral use but some experimental patients have been able to reduce the incidence of fungal infections through topical application. Of course professional clinicians will be reluctant to recommend the blatant abuse of a product contrary to the manufacturer's instructions. However a quick look at the active ingredients in Listerine mouthwash will indicate that these are substances that are very unfriendly to fungal pathogens. Therefore patients are right to look at those solutions as natural cures for nail fungus. Given the runaway success of the organic movement, the over the counter nail fungus treatment might not be in vogue at the moment. However it is the treatment method that is favored by clinicians who have experience in this area.



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