Sniper Vision System

by Francene Frayer (21.10.2020)

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Intraocular lenses are  Sniper Vision System Review  being used as a replacement when the natural lens of the eye is damage due to illness - eye cataract for example that holds a record of 19 million cases of blindness worldwide in line with trachoma and Glaucoma. On the other hand, if the natural lens of the eye is not damage and only requires correction, implantable lenses can be used. No data has been presented yet pertaining to the number blindness or visual loss caused by eye injury worldwide. In the United States cataract is the third leading cause of legal blindness. A wider range of myopia can also be corrected by lens implant than laser refractive procedures one of the reasons why this is often crooked as the alternative to laser intrusion. Known as Phakic intraocular lenses, these are implanted in the eye in a form of surgery performed by an experienced ophthalmologist in less than 30 minutes. A small incision is made in the eye so the lens can be inserted. Recovery period takes 2-weeks. The procedure is being performed on one eye at time and is being done under local anesthesia as a treatment to a person suffering from eye cataract. After the operation, patients are asked to avoid everything that raises high blood pressure or any strenuous exercise. Risk on a case to case basis would include inflammation, wound leakage, and infection.

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