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by Rosaria Wetzell (20.10.2020)

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There is more to the bleeding Cardio Clear 7 Review  of gums than the scare of losing teeth, according to some medical reports. It seems that the same bacteria that cause your gums to bleed could be the same that causes heart attacks. Who would have thought that irregularly brushing your teeth or neglecting a gum inflammation could have such serious repercussions? This is reason enough for anyone to sit up and take adequate measures to prevent gum disease before it becomes a serious health problem. In view of the seriousness of the situation, you need to learn to recognize the symptoms of gum disease, which usually starts with simple signs like sore gums, oral tissue inflammation and bleeding gums, among others. If you already suffer from such problems, then try treating it at home by increasing the frequency of your brushings, as well as flossing. You would also need to take vitamin supplements, plus a special compound known as coenzyme 10. Most likely, these measures will have your gums healthy in no time. However, in case it does not, you need to make a dental appointment and follow whatever treatment the dentist prescribes. Who would have connected tooth loss with a heart attack? Amazing as it sounds, it looks like this is true. Ever since it was discovered that the bacteria that causes bleeding gums also causes heart attacks, gum disease treatments have become a high priority. However, instead of looking for treatment, it is always better to look for ways to prevent such a disease, which means better oral hygiene, a better diet and adequate intake of vitamin and coenzyme supplements. Often, all it takes to maintain proper oral health is brushing twice daily, followed by careful flossing. If you start out with a healthy diet, which consists mostly of lean protein sources, vegetables that grow above the ground, and fruit, that will help. In addition to a basically healthy diet, to control cholesterol most experts counsel avoiding eating red meat and animal fat in general. For example, if you eat the breast of birds such as chickens and turkeys instead of the legs and thighs, you will eat less animal fat. You can also avoid animal fat by not eating the skin.

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