7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Francene Frayer (31.10.2020)

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It isn't loud but the band is  7 Day Prayer Miracle Review  constantly playing in the back ground. I'm feeling a little nervous now because I'm next and I take panic attacks. However, I don't feel one coming on, I'm just actually excited. I go to meet the preacher, reach out my right hand to shake his. I tell him how much his sermon affected me and I truly enjoyed it. He asks my name and I tell him Brenda. He gently takes both my hands, closes his eyes and says, Lord, anoint Brenda with the Holy Spirit now. In a split second, I'm now on the floor. One of the helpers must have guided me down just like I saw them do to many others before me. I had no idea what as going on with me, no idea. I am lying on the floor and I can't move. It is like I am made of lead and I can not move. So for a few seconds I'm lying there feeling tingly and calm. Within about a minute I start feeling weird and embarrassed that others are looking at me or watching me. I try to get up and I can't. I feel like I weigh hundreds of pounds. So now of course, I start to panic a little. I'm forcing myself to snap out of this. I only have enough strength to crawl over to my sister in law who was not too far from me. I get to her and she asked me if I was OK. I started to cry because I felt like Doubting Thomas. Like the apostle who needed to see the holes in Jesus' hands for proof that he died and was resurrected. I felt ashamed. Sue quickly prayed over me and told me to stop feeling that way. She told me I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I instantly felt better and safe.


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