Unlocking Transcendence

by Rosaria Wetzell (10.10.2020)

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At some point, the question of the Unlocking Transcendence Review  meaning of life will come up, or the end of life. Then we might want to make another goal for ourselves even after we retire. If we know the end of life, then we can repeat what we did during life; we can strive to attain a good ending or a place in heaven, and therefore, we still cannot relax and enjoy the beauty of life without a fear of losing out on something. And we are still missing out on life. Life is beauty, life is simple, and without something to protect, life is a lark. But we have created something in our minds, a concept that we feel we must protect, and that concept, that "I" thought has imprisoned us all these years. We have never been truly free. We have been free to perhaps travel the world, or to buy whatever we desire, but we have not been fundamentally free. We must admit this if we are aware at all of our deepest feelings. Can we become totally free within the pressures of life? Can we still make and achieve our goals while being completely free to constantly make moment to moment discoveries about life? I say that this is possible, not only possible, but maybe the answer to mankind's invariable conflict. How do we accomplish this? We begin by being aware of our repression. If we don't believe that we are in bondage, then we will never have the passion to break free, for breaking free requires the utmost intelligence and perseverance. There are no methods this time; no one to tell us what to do, no coaches, no gurus, no action to be taken, only the bare awareness that we are in fact imprisoned within ourselves. If we are ever lucky enough to see the truth of this, to be honest enough to say that we really don't have answers and instead of running about the world looking for answers we go deep inside for them, then the process toward freedom will begin. Then we will eventually find a way to break free. I don't know about you, but there have been many times in my Christian walk that I've asked God for something, only to end up disappointed because I didn't get the answer I was expecting. That feeling becomes a problem because it starts to eat away at my faith and makes me question God's love for me. And the more I do that, the more cynical and angry I become. I start to blame God for the problems in my life and ask Him why He keeps ignoring my prayers. But then I realize that perhaps it isn't God that is making the mistake. Maybe, just maybe, I'm the one that's getting it wrong.


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