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by Reta retamasten Masten (16.10.2020)

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So you'll quickly get people asking how they can get Clear Nails Plus nail fungus treatments over the counter and which ones actually work.Well, technically there are lots of different things you can do. You could take salt water or vinegar foot baths, stop eating sugar in order not to keep nourishing the fungus from the inside, go to the pharmacy and get essential oils and what not.The problem is, if you actually want to get rid of your unpleasant problem any time soon - like in weeks and not months or even a whole year - and you don't want to pay your doctor thousands of dollars for stuff that harms you more than it helps and that might not even actually work, your possibilities start to shrink dramatically.Nail fungus are small organisms that affect both finger and toe nails. Also known as dermatophytes, they do not possess chlorophyll, and so thrive in moist and warm environments, which is why they are mostly found under nails. The nails provide a protective and ideal atmosphere for nail fungus to grow, and they are very difficult to reach once they settle under the nails.Nail fungus are very common, mostly because they are very easily spread from one person to the other. They live in places that are moist, and mostly affect the toenails, because they are more susceptible to come into contact with them. Nail fungus are most commonly spread in bathrooms and toilets, but can also be spread through the sharing of instruments such as clippers and files. This rapid spread can however be prevented, by observing some basic hygiene rules.


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by Armstrong Neil (02.06.2021)
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