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by Sylvie Pinley (02.10.2020)

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With summer approaching we hide away our winter shoes Keravita Pro Review and reach for light and breezy flip flops and sandals. These days the humble flip flop is considered a must in most peoples wardrobe, and come in many colours, styles and on occasion with built in bottle openers! But are they really as comfortable as they seem? In the past, stilettos and strappy shoes have been the obvious culprits when it came to foot pain but research has shown that this may not be the case. The truth is our trusty favourite could be a leading cause of injuries to our feet, ankles, knees, hips and back and over time these injuries could escalate into serious bone, tendon and joint damage. A recent study has found that flip flop wearers tend to grip the footwear with their toes, leading to shorter stride length and improper force when their feet hit the ground. But what does this mean? Basically a powerful force is transferred up our legs, placing additional stress on our lower body. Unfortunately our bodies aren't designed for that type of stress. The spongy nature and lack of arch support found in many flip flops, can cause the feet to roll inward, causing pain and injury to the arch as well as plantar fasciitis and if you are not already flat footed, you can actually develop this symptom by wearing poorly made flip flops. Of course there are the more obvious hazards of wearing open or uncovered footwear. When driving, flip flops can impair a driver's control, especially if they fall off and become lodged underneath the brake or accelerator pedal. Other common injuries include stubbed toes, cuts, bruises, and insect bites. Not to mention dirty feet!!


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