Cardio Clear 7

by Rosaria Wetzell (31.10.2020)

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Many people who are concerned Cardio Clear 7 Review  about cholesterol and heart health are taking fish oil supplements in order to give their body a health food that is good for a healthy heart. Your cholesterol level has a lot to do with your heart health. If a person has a high cholesterol number, they might be at a risk for developing coronary heart disease and stroke. Thus, it is very important that people have their cholesterol levels checked regularly. When we have our cholesterol levels measured, we are bound to find out what types of cholesterol are present in our systems. There are typically three numbers to determine: our total cholesterol, and individual measurements for high-density lipoproteins (HDLs, known as the "good" type of cholesterol) and low density lipoproteins (LDLs, or the "bad" cholesterol). Some cholesterol tests may include triglyceride levels. Let us determine what the high cholesterol numbers are for each measurement: Total Cholesterol Level Total cholesterol is the total cholesterol count in our bloodstream, taking into account the good and bad cholesterols (HDLs and LDLs) and triglyceride levels. For total cholesterol, a number less than 200 mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter units) is generally considered to be healthy. A cholesterol number of 200-239 mg/dL is considered to be Borderline High, while a level of 240 and above might put someone at a significantly high risk of developing heart disease. LDL Cholesterol Low-density lipoproteins, also considered as the "bad" cholesterol, are those that easily oxidize, form plaques and tend to build-up on the arterial walls. When these plaques form, the artery can become rigid and inflexible, causing the condition called atherosclerosis. When the arterial walls become blocked by plaque, blood clots may form which could possibly lead to stroke or heart attack.

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