Overnight Millionaire System

by Francene Frayer (16.10.2020)

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These are all different values  Overnight Millionaire System Review  that drive all these people. But then when I worked with agents who were below average, those who were struggling to get by, I found out it was because either they were not clear on their values or that their values were totally misaligned with their goals sabotaging their goals in the process. Expect the unexpected. There is a wise saying often repeated, 'What you respect moves toward you, what you disrespect moves away form you.' Amazing and consistently true. One of my neighbors loves plants and nurtures them with fatherly care. Unexpectedly, one morning as he went out for his daily grounds inspection, he found that an unusual looking plant was growing in an area of his yard that earlier, he had determined needed something special. He hadn't planted it so he surmised that it had been seeded by the wind and just now began to manifest growth. Curious, he began to water, feed and hedge around it to see what this mystery shoot was going to develop into. The investigation was on. After it matured, he gathered his facts, noted its unique characteristics and then researched his new orphan to give it a name. He told me it was unofficially called a 'Moon flower.' This beauty blooms only at night and astonishingly, when you gently rub the leaves it gives off a distinct aroma of-believe it or not-peanut butter. His repeated refrain was, "I don't know where it came from, how it landed in the perfect spot or how it survived, but it's my new favorite."


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