Uncompromised Life

by Rosaria Wetzell (07.10.2020)

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For me, this unexpected Uncompromised Life Review change in plans (being cooped up in the house) is providing me an opportunity to play with my children. We've played Monopoly, Connect Four and Go Fish, so far. Normally, with decent weather, they'd be out running and playing with their friends and not paying the least bit of attention to dear old Mom. For my girlfriend, this storm brought with it a 3-day delay in starting a new job, but also a 3-day crash course in HTML, something she's been lamenting about not having time to learn until now. To the extent that you can learn to "roll with the punches" and remember to ask yourself, "Ok, this is not what I'd planned. But if it was, what would I be doing with it?" you will be able to both recognize and maximize many opportunities without having to look very far, at all. For instance, currents of a certain degree or kind of vibration (that is, of a certain mental state) when they come in contact with other currents of similar vibration, will tend to coalesce and combine, there being a harmony and attraction existing between them. But if they are opposing vibrations they will antagonize each other and act in the direction of neutralizing each other's force If they are of equal strength, both will lose power, but if one is much stronger than the other it will lose only in the inverse ratio of its strength, and the weaker will suffer likewise. That is, the weaker will lose twice as much power as the stronger, and the stronger will lose only half as much as the weaker--supposing that the stronger is of twice the strength of the weaker. In this way is accounted for the well-known fact that places, towns, cities, etc., have their own 'personal atmospheres,' which affect persons living in them or visiting them. These 'personal atmospheres' of towns arise from a combining, neutralizing, etc., of the various vibrations arising from mentative currents from the minds of the people living in the town. An average vibration is struck, which is strongly felt by all within the 'field of induction' of that town. A little thought will make it clear to you that this is a correct statement of the mental conditions manifest in various towns, cities, etc., all over the world.


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