YoWhatsapp - Full featured Messaging App For android Users

by Florence Florence (23.10.2021)

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YoWhatsapp is a free version of a messaging service (text or picture message) service, also known as "QQ chat" application developed by Facebook Inc. With YoWhatsapp you get to experience all the exciting features of a full blown whatsapp client right at your desktop computer. Unlike other messengers out there you get the most out of whatsapp with this application. Some of its key features are: https://modpree.com/yo-whatsapp/

Send pictures and videos - Yo whatsapp apk comes equipped with the facility to send images and videos to your friends. You can create any size video and attach it to your email. You can also set a timer to remind you to send a video at a specific time in the future. You can even set a certain length of time for which you want the video to be posted. Apart from sending images and videos you can even receive messages from your friends.

Receieve messages and call old chats - Receiving messages and calls from your friends on your android device from your desktop can be done with the help of YoWhatsapp. Apart from sending text messages you can also receive calls. In the advanced version of this application you can even set recordings of voice conversations. This feature is very useful if you are looking to spy on someone or are trying to locate an old chats of yours from a long time ago.


Re: YoWhatsapp - Full featured Messaging App For android Users

by Smith Ryon (28.02.2022)
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