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by Reta retamasten Masten (22.10.2020)

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One problem with mainstream medical treatment is Up N Go Energy that it is typically reactive. It treats diseases after they have been acquired. It is seldom preventive and proactive.Atherosclerosis occurs after LDL cholesterol molecules are oxidized by free radicals, especially oxygen free radicals. This largely explains why chronic inflammation of the blood vessels takes place in the arteries because the latter are rich in fresh oxygen supplies. Atherosclerosis rarely develops in the veins where there is minimal oxygen dissolved in the outgoing blood flow.Cholesterol is not dissolved in the blood, the latter being made up of 70% water. When oxidized LDL cholesterols settle down on the inner arterial walls, various defensive reactions occur. The body's autoimmune system perceives them as potential disease risk factors, triggering the release of macrophage white blood cells.Being essentially a fatty and complex substance, cholesterol is seldom absorbed by the macrophage white blood cells. They continue to accumulate until the arterial linings are ruptured. This eventually leads to inflammation and formation of blood clots.


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