Joint Relief 911

by Francene Frayer (13.10.2020)

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Endorphine are thought to Joint Relief 911  be 50 times stronger than morphine. The recommended dosage is 1,500 mg daily. Sore knees. There have been several studies conducted that revealed that taking dried ginger can help three out of four arthritis sufferers with their knee pain, swelling and stiffness. This makes ginger as effective as today's nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications. The studies recommend that you take 500 mg. of dried ginger, three times per day. Back spasms. Back spasms can cause crippling back pain. Some recent research has revealed that devil's claw can erase that back pain for three out of four sufferers within four weeks. Harpagoside is the active ingredient in devil's claw and is a powerful natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Take 2 g. to 4 g. daily. Menstrual cramps. Severe menstrual pain can be relieved by taking pycnogenol, an extract from the bark of French pine trees. Pycnogenol contains 40 different antioxidants which dampen the production of pain-triggering hormones. By taking 60 mg daily, you should be able to relieve even severe menstrual pain in as little as two cycles. "Jumper's knee" affects many people who take part in high impact sports, especially those that require lots of up and down movement or jumping. This is a condition that causes pain towards the front of the knee, hence the medical term "patellar tendinitis". So what exactly are the symptoms that one suffers with jumper's knee? As mentioned before the pain is mainly towards the front of the knee near the knee cap. There area around the quadriceps can also feel very stiff and painful. Many athletes don't feel the pain until after a long period of training, while some others feel it prior to or even after their physical activities.



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