Unlocking Transcendence

by Francene Frayer (12.10.2020)

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The young boy slid into the Unlocking Transcendence Review  passenger seat next to me. Only then did more questions pop into my head. Is this how children go missing? Was I being watched by someone? If so, would they call the police? How does this situation look to a stranger? Despite appearances I had to do something. The poor lad was freezing! I cranked up the car heater as high as it would blow. Where do you live? I asked. He was not sure of the house number, but he could point the way to his home. I pulled out from the snowy curb and started driving. Trying my hand at small talk, I suggested that it was terribly late for him to be out. What happened? Typical of many children, his answer was simple, if not innocent. He had been staying with his aunt for the night, but he missed his mom. So, he decided to go home. His finger brought us to a small townhouse. I parked the car and escorted him to the front door. Reaching forward I pressed the doorbell a couple of times and waited silently. A strange thought occurred to me just then. What if we were at the wrong house? I looked over at my young friend who stood quietly at attention by my side. I smiled. No, we were at the right house, I thought. Suddenly, a lock was being unlatched! As the door swung open light from inside the house washed over us. A very dishevelled woman appeared on the opposite side of the threshold with an expression of utter shock on her face. Is this your son, I asked, waving my arm towards him. She was silent. The boy, on the other hand, greeted his mother with a simple "hello" and stepped into the house. Without a word, the woman turned and closed the door. As the lock clicked I whispered, "You're welcome" to the darkness.


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