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by Francene Frayer (07.10.2020)

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Dehydration: There is a strong  BP Zone Review link between blood pressure and dehydration. In many cases, the pressure goes up, though in a few it may go down. It does depend on other factors. It is not likely to be the only factor, but remember; eighty percent of use are constantly dehydrated and twenty-five percent of us have high BP. Emotions: All strong emotions cause a reaction in our body. The negative emotions tend to raise pressure more, but excitement and other positive feelings will also do so. Fear: Granting fear is an emotion, it has a secondary reaction that could increase the numbers even more; Fight or Flight Syndrome. The rush of Adrenalin increases heart rate, focuses attention and speeds up reaction time. All of these cause heightened pressure. Heart Disease: No matter what causes heart problems, it's going to have an affect. One factor may be the increased effort required to pump blood around the circulatory system. Injuries/Pain: In this, I'm not referring to the original injury, as that reaction will be most likely part of the above mentioned Fight or Flight reaction. However, constant pain and injuries that take a while to heal are also guilty of raising blood pressure. That's one reason pain management is such an important issue. Kidney Disease: There is a cycle between high BP and kidney disease. They can each cause each other, and where one is, the other can follow. They are also both largely silent until a lot of damage has been done.


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