Vision 20/20 Protocol

by Reta retamasten Masten (30.09.2020)

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Trifocals help the individual to look at all ranges Vision 20/20 Protocol of distance by using one pair of glasses. Therefore, there is no need to carry three glasses to use for different distances of vision. However, many people do not appreciate the lines present across the lenses of such reading glasses. For such individuals there is the option of progressive lenses. Also known as progressive add(ition) lenses (PALs), progressive power lenses, varifocal or graduated lenses, these lenses are free of any line or demarcation. Therefore, these types of glasses offer maximum comfort along with perfect clarity of vision for the wearer.Most people need reading glasses to focus better on objects close to their eyes. There is nothing seriously wrong with the vision, but as most individuals reach forty (middle age), they start to suffer from presbyopia (reduced ability to focus on objects near to the eye, due to natural aging). Most often these individuals take to using reading glasses to focus better on objects too close to the eye.However, the long distance vision of these individuals might remain perfect despite presbyopia. Therefore, they will only need to use the reading glasses when they are doing an activity that involves looking at objects from a close distance; such as reading, writing, stitching or working on the computer for long hours (which might give you a headache due to which you will need such reading glasses).


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