How to make livescore picks that count

by Julio Bedre (27.10.2021)

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Many people feel that their biggest problem with livescore is the lack of choice. Not too long ago, there was a time when the only soccer matches were at weekends. These matches were usually played on Saturday afternoons at 3pm. If you were lucky, you might also find some midweek matches.

It's not unusual to find matches being played on every day of each week and at all times of year. You won't believe how many matches are being played if you look at Sporting Bet, an online sportsbook.

Also, you used to have to wager a minimum of a triplet. Three selections were possible with an accumulator. You can see that your choices of soccer picks were limited as the only matches you could bet on were in the English leagues.

Although this is considered a negative thing, particularly the minimum bet of $1 treble, it meant that you could only specialize in a handful of leagues. There are many betting options and leagues available now that there are so many. It is not surprising that bookies offer the chance to bet on all of them. They know that many people will bet on soccer just for the fun of it and will eventually lose money.

The odds-compilers at the different bookies make a lot of money, but it is difficult for them to accurately price everything. You may be able to gain an advantage over the bookies if you are willing to compare the odds offered by different firms.

This route is not for everyone. It's best to spread your livescore picks among the different bookmakers. You may find that some bookies restrict your betting or even close your account if you have some success with some obscure leagues. We have warned you!

I wish you all the best in your soccer picks.

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