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by sherly sylvia (20.03.2021)

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Most of us already know that turmeric is an herb and spice with incredible medicinal benefits, including its skin lightening properties that help reverse the effects of hyperpigmentation. In addition, curcumin, a large component of turmeric, has many other benefits, including its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power. Not for nothing is the use of this spice in India for skin beauty in high demand. Review the step by step to make a turmeric mask yourself for rejuvenated skin and clean of blemishes.

As we just mentioned, the main compound in turmeric, curcumin, is effective in treating burns, soothing skin irritations, and relieving the pain of sunburn. Curcumin is also a factor in the healing process of wounds and has even been studied for its effects on skin cancer.

Turmeric face mask for flawless skin

The following basic turmeric mask is really easy to make, it reduces redness and acts as an exfoliating and hydrating cream. And in addition to all that, it also makes the skin look clean and fresh with a luminous touch, also due to the other natural ingredients that this facial mask includes, which are yogurt and honey.

Why honey is good for the skin

Honey is excellent for the skin for its powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. With its antioxidant properties, it can help eliminate acne blemishes and reduce sun spots. These components are known to help destroy free radicals that damage the skin and not allow toxins to cause damage.

Benefits of yogurt (or milk) for the skin

Many use expensive lotions that contain lactic acid which is to soften hard and dry skin, but you can use natural foods that contain it as well, such is the case of natural yogurt which is a natural source of lactic acid and is excellent for the skin because helps to clean and rinse it without drying it out.

Turmeric mask for facial skin

There are many variations of this recipe, but the following is the basic one. You can add chickpea flower to thicken the paste or add other ingredients that you like and that benefit the skin.


  • 1 teaspoon plain yogurt (or milk)
  • 1 teaspoon raw organic honey
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric


Put the turmeric in a small bowl. Add the honey and yogurt or milk. You can adjust the amount of dairy to adjust the thickness of the turmeric mask, but you need to make sure that the paste is firm and can adhere well to your face. Turmeric is a spice with a lot of color and you should know that it can stain anything, so you must take care that it does not drip from your face.

Face preparation

You should wash your face with water and remove traces of makeup. If your hair can interfere, you will need to tie it up. Wear clothes that you don't mind if they get stained.

Turmeric mask application

Apply the mask evenly all over your face, especially under the eyes to help reduce dark circles that form as a result of vasoconstriction.

Once the mask is applied, let it dry on your face. Maybe it will take about 20 minutes and then rinse it with cold water. Dry your face gently with a cloth.

After a few days, repeat the mask process. You can also apply it every few weeks depending on your needs.

If you have leftover turmeric mask paste, you can store it for days in the refrigerator to use again. Add milk or yogurt to soften the paste before using it again.

Optional ingredients to add to the basic turmeric mask recipe

As we already mentioned, there are many variations that can be made on this mask. For example, here are some of the common extra ingredients that can be added to your basic turmeric mask:

Lemon juice: contains vitamin C and citric acid, removes excess fat and disinfects, lemon acid serves as an exfoliator, lightener and toner. It can be drying, so you may need to use a moisturizer after applying it.

Tea tree oil: if you suffer from pimples or acne, a few drops to the tea tree oil mask can help you excellently. Deflames and helps dry excess sebum from the skin.

Olive oil or avocado oil: Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of these oils to the basic mixture if you have dry skin. These natural oils will further nourish your skin, hydrate it and reduce the signs of aging by repairing damaged skin.

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