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by felita zaira (24.09.2021)

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Leading a hectic lifestyle over the years can have repercussions on mental health, impairing its functioning. Aimed at intensifying creativity, concentration, motor skills and learning, the sociologist Paul Dennison suggests practicing various exercises for the brain, divided into 26 easy body movements that unite our two hemispheres: right and left, each with a specific function.

Brain Exercises to Keep You Fit

While the left hemisphere deals with the verbal part and logical analysis, the right hemisphere deals with the non-verbal part and creativity. This suggests that the best results when performing several activities will be obtained by those that engage both hemispheres. And this functioning can be improved, with performing small daily tasks, to which we must give our time and effort to have a younger brain.

It is advisable to start, warming up with some chest breathing and drink some water before the brain gym. It is necessary to practice it daily, with series of ten repetitions, for 30 seconds. Also, other activities you can do daily and according to your own conditions.

Cross march

Slowly raise your right knee and direct your elbow towards it, then return to the first position and repeat the movement, but with the other limbs.

This routine improves the balance of our nervous system, positively impacting our psychomotor skills, concentration and creativity, it is undoubtedly an exercise for the brain that is very complete.

Remember phone numbers

Go through your agenda, choose the numbers that you dial frequently and try to remember them. This exercise allows your brain to become more receptive when it comes to memorizing, something necessary to enhance creativity, since we can only imagine from what we know.

Listen to music

Ideal to accompany you in the study and combat stress, Mozart's music is effective in treating depression, according to Dr. Tomatis. From his research emerged the well-known " Mozart Effect ", a musical and psychological trend that ensures that the composer's melodies help oxygenation of the brain, considerably favoring concentration. So now you know, if you want to work concentrated and stimulate your brain incidentally, put on music that helps you keep it in optimal conditions and enhances its functioning. Learn about the health effects of music.

Singing can also help you

Likewise, but it is not only about listening to music, singing can also help you improve health, and it is considered a great therapy that helps patients with senile dementia. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of singing.

Run away from the monotony

Doing the same daily relaxes the brain, reducing attention levels and impairing our ability to concentrate, which can be comfortable but will be detrimental to its proper functioning.

One of the best brains exercises you can try is to vary the usual route you take to get home or open yourself up to new tactics for socializing with other people.

Meeting new people connects the two hemispheres, since you must put intuition and curiosity to work simultaneously and we practice logic as well, as well as our verbal skills in general.

Don't keep everything in one place

Something similar to what we discussed in the previous point, always putting everything in the same place allows the appearance of automatisms so it is likely to develop a tendency to lower the level of attention, and not being the only factor, it can contribute to the appearance of senile dementia.

However, altering the position of objects in the house will force you to reason about the new location, memorize it and do your best to remember it, which translates into a great gym session for the mind, without needing more elements than you. and your current space.

These little brain teasers are quick and easy to develop. You just have to include them in your routine and you will be able to keep your brain in shape and your mind in better condition002E.

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