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by anosh alassi (19.09.2021)

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pharmaceutical industry management
The program was developed by the Corporate University Albert Schweitzer School of Management, in collaboration with the CPI Institute of Graduate Studies (CIGS) and the Institute of Healthcare Management at the University. Each module was developed by scholars, authors, and industry specialists from the university, its institutes, and research bodies, ensuring that ranges of perspectives are integrated into the course material.
Pharmaceutical Management
The program focuses on enhancing creativity and achievement while developing the professional skills required of participants and systematically preparing them for excellence in leadership and management positions across the industry. The program provides a comprehensive foundation to master the skills of business development, product launch, strategic management, product lifecycle management, marketing intelligence, licensing, negotiation, market access management, human resource management, artificial intelligence for drug management, and value creation based on the best KPIs and criteria international industry. Successful graduates are current and future candidates for senior leadership positions in the industry. clinical trials

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