BloodFlow-7 - Gaining Weight During Lockdown?

by Arvin juliana (15.09.2021)

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If you have been one of the winners with teleworking for fear of contagion of the disease that has the whole country in suspense, it is important that you know what you are facing and try not to gain weight these days (and nights) at home

The coronavirus appears to be more serious than previously thought. The Spanish health authorities began on Monday to take drastic measures to stop the spread of the virus in our country. At the closure of educational centers has been added the recommendation not to attend mass meetings and to try to be in contact with other people for as little time as possible.

Likewise, many companies are introducing teleworking, thus sending their employees to carry out their tasks remotely from their homes, in order to reduce possible infections.

How to work from home due to the coronavirus and not gain weight

If you are reading this, it is more than likely that you are one of the winners of telecommuting. And so that your 'quarantine' stage at home is as bearable as possible and you do not end up with four extra kilos, added to those that you have not lost yet, we are going to tell you the nine basic tricks that you should follow in the coming days.

In addition, you can even lose weight, especially if you are one of those who eat out every day and cannot do without their mid-day croissant. Attentive:

1) Don't skip breakfast

If you do not eat breakfast, your body will think that it is still sleeping, and it will not start, or it will, but it will try to save all the calories that you have previously consumed and the stored fat, since it thinks that it will go through a time of hunger or shortage of food.

The best thing is that as soon as you wake up you have some breakfast rich in protein and coffee or tea, as this will also prevent you from biting during the day and ending up throwing yourself into carbohydrates in the middle of the morning.

2) What to eat between meals

Ideally, you should get a bag of nuts and a good arsenal of fruit for mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Remember that nuts contain protein, healthy fats and fiber, which contributes to their good influence on body weight. They also contain heart-healthy fats and other beneficial nutrients. Of course, you have to eat them in moderation, as they have 'quite a few' calories.

A handful (28 grams) contains approximately 170 calories, so that would be enough to go between meals. In addition, its consumption is linked to weight loss, since numerous studies have shown that eating nuts can improve metabolic health and even promote weight loss.

As for fruits, you can eat up to two pieces at mid-morning and mid-afternoon. If you are overweight or do not want to gain weight, here we tell you which are the six most dietary ones.

3) To eat, protein

The protein - rich foods such as meat, fish and eggs will make you feel satiated for hours, so that you avoid the dreaded peck, that being at home also becomes more difficult to avoid.

Plus, you can even lose weight, as numerous studies show that protein-rich foods increase metabolic rate by 15–30%, compared to 5–10% for carbohydrates and 0–3% for fats.

4) For dinner, vegetables and / or good fats

At night, if you have eaten protein, it would be ideal to have some food with 'good fat', which are polyunsaturated, such as omega 3, or monounsaturated. We find these 'good fats' in foods like salmon, olive oil, avocado, and nuts.

As for vegetables, the best are green leafy ones. You can cook them by adding a bit of salt, and if they seem very bland that way you can sauté them in the pan with a little olive oil and garlic. Also, if you are one of those who have a good serve, it would be recommended that you add a vegetable broth or an egg white, in order to fill yourself up faster without putting your silhouette at risk.

5) Golden tip: don't have 'bad' food at home

Even if the first days you feel strong and you are having a fruit snack, there will be days in which anxiety or boredom take over and you end up, without realizing it, with the whole box of cereals or cookies. In this way you will not only gain weight, but you will feel more tired and guilty about the silly binge of calories that you have given yourself.

The best way to avoid this, and the smartest thing, is not to have any of these pseudo-foods at home. You should try to have only healthy foods on hand, so you will minimize your unhealthy snacking after hours.

6) Drink water throughout the day

Now that you are at home, you will be less lazy to drink water and you can even get into the habit. We know that is what everyone says, but it is that you need to drink more water, especially if you do not want to gain weight, since the fuller you have the stomach, the less amount of food you will want to put in it. And the water has zero calories.

In this regard, an investigation published in the 'American Journal of Clinical Nutrition' showed that water intake increased dietary effects. The experts came to this conclusion after analyzing 5,000 references from four databases of scientific articles that linked water consumption with weight loss.

7) Also coffee and tea (without sugar)

At home, you will not be able to sneak into the coffee machine, but it is no reason to stop drinking it, since you can even lose weight. Drinking coffee can help you lose weight by increasing energy levels and the amount of calories burned, according to science. Additionally, caffeine can speed up your metabolism by 3–11%.

You must drink it, yes, without sugar, like tea. We recommend green, which serves, above all, to reduce abdominal fat. Numerous studies have in fact shown that people who consumed this drink regularly lost 1.3 kilos more on average than those who did not.

Also, you should avoid juices and all liquid calories that come from drinks such as sodas, milk shakes, and energy drinks. The consumption of these liquids is related to obesity and they do not give you anything.

8) exercise at home

Since we're in the midst of breathtaking chaos, you may not feel like leaving the house, least of all to hit the gym. However, if you no longer go to the office, you will stop moving, and that is not good for your health (physical and mental) or for your silhouette.

So you can try doing easy exercises at home, like the ones we tell you here, or follow a burst-based trick. A research published in the journal Physiological Reports showed that people who conducted five 30 - second bursts of high - impact exercise followed four minutes of rest, they burned 200 extra calories per day. That is, you only need to do 2.5 minutes of exercise to speed up your metabolism.

9) relax before bed

One of the biggest problems with working at home is that we don't make a distinction between our obligation time and our pleasure period. And this is magnified in situations like this, in which we prefer to stay at home for fear of infecting ourselves or other people.

Therefore, and although it is difficult, you should try to relax before getting into bed. All the advice we have given you is useless if you go to bed stressed, since your body will not lose weight and you will tend to eat more and more caloric pseudo-foods, since, according to this study by Obesity Reviews, stress, lack of sleep and weight gain are associated with each other.

It is crucial that after working you try to do a before and after and try to disconnect and relax. And a hot bath or having sex (alone or with others) are good for it.


Circulation, or the flow of blood throughout our bodies, is important for good health. Normal circulation promotes all of our biological systems by delivering oxygen throughout the body and helping to eliminate waste. When circulation is inadequate, or the blood does not flow vigorously, symptoms can include tired or heavy legs, cold fingers and toes as well as low energy and even dull skin. An easy way to boost circulation is with exercise.


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