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by maya justin (21.08.2021)

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The use of micellar water has gained popularity thanks to its rapid effects, its ability to remove makeup in a single pass, hydrate facial skin and the savings it means.

Micellar water was created a short time ago in Europe, and was used for the first time to reduce the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis and psoriasis.

This micellar water that you can make at home, has many benefits for the skin, especially for the face and to remove make-up.

It is not a tonic. It is not a cleansing milk. It is definitely not for washing your face. Micellar water is a skin care product that removes makeup and cleanses the skin, without the need to rinse it.

The micellar waters have been widely available in French pharmacies for many years, and has gained a cult following internationally with enthusiast’s skin care, makeup artists and bloggers from around the world. Today, this beauty secret is widely available to women who love its gentle, yet powerful, one-step cleanse. A large number of cosmetic companies have listed the benefits of micellar water in their skin cleansers.

The benefits of micellar water for the skin

Tones the skin

Micellar water is very beneficial to apply as an anti-wrinkle: it helps to regenerate the skin and prevent the effects of aging. Micellar water can also be used for skin redness and mild allergic reactions. It is ideal for sensitive and blemished skin; however, it works on all skin types.

Ideal for removing make-up

Micellar water can gently remove applied cosmetics from eyes and face.

Calms irritation and hydrates, leaving skin feeling silky smooth. It is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Moreover, it purifies combination skin and skin with acne.

Benefits of micellar water components

Castor Oil: The skin benefits of hydrogenated castor oil help smooth skin smoothly, creating a protective film on the skin's surface that helps prevent excess moisture evaporation.

Sweet almond oil: has a healthy effect on any type of skin, leaving it flexible and with a smooth surface.

Lavender hydrosol: commonly this extract has a beneficial effect on the skin. Since it stops irritation, regenerates, and refreshes the skin, giving it a healthy appearance.

Honey extract: The honey extract will help hydration of the skin and will give you freshness.

What do you need to prepare micellar water?

To make your own micellar water at home you will only need a few ingredients.


  • Lavender hydrosol (87 g.)
  • Hydrogenated castor oil or also known as castor wax (6 g.)
  • Sweet almond oil (4 g.)
  • Honey extract (2 g.)
  • Lavender essential oil 5 drops (optional)

How to prepare micellar water at home

  1. Preheat the lavender hydrosol in a water bath.
  2. Mix the hydrogenated castor oil with the sweet almond oil also in a water bath. Castor oil should be heated until it is completely dissolved.
  3. When the hydrogenated castor oil is liquid, pour in the lavender hydrosol.
  4. Mix well with a mini-mixer or spoon.
  5. Now add the honey extract

How can I use micellar water?

Since this cosmetic product is not only for cleaning the face, but also for removing cosmetics for the eyes, the addition of a large number of essential oils is not being suggested. Add only a few drops of lavender essential oil, or do not add anything if your skin is sensitive, in that case only lavender hydrosol will suffice.

In the morning

In the morning, micellar water is ideal to wash and refresh the face. In addition, its smell will be very pleasant. It is ideal to clean your face with the micellar water and then apply makeup.

At night

Micellar water is ideal at night for removing makeup. In the case of mascara, you may need to help yourself with another product so that the cleaning is complete. However, this micellar water is very useful for sensitive skin.

In the morning, your skin will look radiant, luminous and will be very well hydrated.

After using micellar water, it is not necessary to rinse your face, so that its ingredients are active on your skin, however, some people choose to do so. Feel free to do what your skin asks of you.

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