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by sherly sylvia (14.08.2021)

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What are negative calories? Do they really exist or are they just a way to give us false hope when we want to lose a few pounds?

Sometimes we hear about negative calories or negative calorie foods. This would indicate that these are foods that provide fewer calories than the body consumes to metabolize them.

So, on paper, it sounds good right? And much better when one searches the internet and comes across pages whose name is health accompanied by some other word and finds that foods such as walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios or Canadian bacon tell us they have negative calories and leave us It is very clear that if you eat these foods, our body will spend more to digest it, then they will make us lose weight without effort. Effortlessly lose weight, the magic phrase or the great scam of our era, depending on how you look at it.

But then, are there foods with negative calories?

The topic began to become popular as a result of memes circulating on the internet saying that celery is a food with negative calories and that more calories were spent eating celery than the vegetable itself provides.

This is not exact, in the case of celery and other foods very rich in fiber that contain cellulose, what happens is that the calories that are part of it are not metabolized by our body, but are eliminated directly. If we take into account that, in itself, celery is a very low-calorie food if our body also ignores part of them, since we are facing a suitable food for weight control diets. As long as it is eaten raw and alone, if the plan is to spread it in the cream cheese tub, it will still be somewhat less caloric than spreading breadsticks, but of course it will not make us lose weight. Of course, those of us who do not dislike the taste of raw celery, it is a good option as a snack because it is very satiating, and immediately you will not want to eat something else.

And does water have negative calories?

The water is one of the healthiest liquids, no calories, but not digest it consumes. And, although for a mere matter of energy balance, when we consume cold water, our body has to heat it, and it helps the metabolism to work at a good pace, but if one translates that energy consumption into kcal (kilocalories) the value is totally irrelevant. And there are no scientific studies that prove that drinking cold water burns calories significantly. "

Even foods that help the metabolism to be active cannot be considered as having negative calories either.

Conclusion, is negative calories a myth?

According to what science knows today, negative calories as such are indeed a myth. And to lose weight, the method that usually works best is always the life-long one, eating fewer calories than you consume and to consume more you have to move more and exercise more. If my grandfather already said it, if you want to lose kilos, little bed, little plate and a lot of shoes.

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