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by maya justin (13.08.2021)

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Besides being a healing plant, the aloe vera has become a natural moisturizer that serves as a repairman damaged hair, dry, brittle and ideal to completely remove dandruff. It is characterized by its rich concentration in mucilage, antioxidant vitamins and minerals, which is why it has been used for years as a facial and hair beauty treatment in order to correct personal appearance.

Benefits of aloe vera for hair

As the years go by, hair loss occurs, it feels quite dry and frizzes frequently. In some cases, the ends are burned by chemicals, but thanks to the properties and benefits of aloe vera for hair, a healthy and shiny mane can be achieved in a short time.

Accelerates hair growth

For thousands of years it has been known that aloe has natural enzymes that promote hair growth. Its nutrients help to remove dead cells on the scalp that can close the follicles and prevent their growth, it also allows it to easily absorb the nutrients that are given through the products that are used frequently. In addition, aloe vera is capable of changing the PH of the skin so that the hair regenerates faster.


Most women use aloe vera for their hair in order to optimize skin conditions by helping to eliminate batteries that can cause allergies, inflammation, and delayed hair growth. In case of having complications with the skin, especially that of the scalp, aloe vera gel is the solution to the problem. Thanks to its antibacterial and analgesic properties of this plant you can maintain healthy hair free of fat.

Natural conditioner

It has a gelatinous texture that is located in the crystal of aloe vera, this property turns out to be a good conditioner due to its consistency similar to that of the hair's native protein (keratin) . This makes the crystal act safely inside the scalp, so using aloe vera at least three times a week you can see how the hair becomes healthy, silky and soft.

Fight dandruff

Applying aloe vera to the hair has the ability to remove dead cells that accumulate over time, making it the best treatment to combat dandruff that can be caused by a fungus that appears mainly on the scalp. Alove vera has fungicides that eliminate this problem from the root, this is how they prevent it from developing in the future.

Eliminate oily hair

Thanks to the properties of aloe vera, it is possible to balance the PH of the scalp as it is effective for all types of hair. A natural conditioner or homemade shampoo based on this plant or treatments of the pure gel can keep the mane strong and healthy, at the same time it helps to get rid of the oil by balancing the excess sebum that originates from the scalp.

Aloe for styling hair

Aloe vera obtained from aloe vera can be used as a natural gel to give hair more volume. It is an effective method to fix the hair without the need to resort to fixers, gels or chemicals that usually cause progressive problems. To benefit from this plant, you only need to use aloe gel or prepare aloe vera juices to then be applied to the scalp.

How to apply aloe vera to hair?

There are several methods to benefit from all the properties of aloe vera for your hair. For example, you can make natural hair masks or make a fresh, hydrated shampoo. Another alternative can be through the following steps:

Before applying the active principle of this plant on the hair, it is necessary to prepare a clean towel and a suitable shampoo for the type of hair.

  1. Now all hair is moistened with warm water, from the ends to the roots. It can be made with a natural mineral to avoid the tap that has too much chlorine.
  2. Next, two or six thick drops of aloe vera gel are extracted, then placed on the hand and applied to the scalp, gently massaging in a circular motion. The product should be extended to the ends.
  3. Then the towel is moistened and the entire mane is wrapped, leaving it for 25 minutes so that the properties of aloe can act on the strands.
  4. It's time to remove the towel and remove the excess with a shampoo, then rinse with warm water and that's it. It is recommended to carry out this process two or three times a week.

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Revitaa Pro Customer Reviews

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