Keto Lite-What foods stimulates growth?

by fiona basil (30.07.2021)

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Commonly known as growth hormone, HGH is a hormone present in the blood whose main objective is to influence the proper functioning of the endocrine system, specifically the pituitary gland.

Ways to Increase Growth Hormone Naturally

This article will specifically address how to stimulate growth hormone in adolescents naturally, so if you need to activate the effects of height growth hormone, get ready, because here you will find the solution to your problem, let's see:

Sleep the necessary hours

It is well known that the main way to increase height growth hormone is good sleep, why? During the hours of deep sleep is when this hormone is stimulated the most. In fact, at least 70% of the function of this hormone occurs during the period of deep sleep.

It is not surprising then, that when it comes to stimulating growth hormone in children, everyone recommends that they should sleep at least 10 hours a day, since that is when they most need the side effects of this hormone.

However, this does not mean that an adult does not need to sleep their regulation 8 hours because they no longer depend on this hormone for their growth, on the contrary, everyone needs it.

As a person develops into adulthood and beyond, muscle growth hormone is helpful in strengthening the endocrine system.

Exercise constantly

Another way to increase human growth hormone levels is by exercising. In this case, the effect of HGH is for muscle growth.

Cardiovascular exercises are essential activities when it comes to strengthening the cardiovascular system, however, if you want to increase the hormone HGH, it is best to do exercises that help to produce lactic acid so that the muscles receive the energy from carbohydrates consumed.

Eat a healthy diet to increase growth hormone

Adequate nutrition is also of utmost importance when it comes to stimulating this hormone. A diet rich in protein and low in insulin will allow the organism of both the child and the developing young person to have an excellent function.

In the case of males, the increase in HGH will result in an increase in testosterone, which in turn will contribute to the sexual and physical development of the adolescent, for example, the development of muscle mass, as well as body hair.

In the case of women, the increase in this growth hormone influences the increase in energy, beautifies hair color, reduces wrinkles, and counteracts osteoporosis.

For sure, all these benefits are the motivation you need to adopt a healthy diet and thus contribute to the production of HGH.

Lowers blood sugar levels

This point has a very close relationship with the previous one, because if you have a healthy diet, it is natural for blood sugar levels to drop.

However, on many occasions after exercising, the person decides to take a food that increases their blood sugar levels, since they consider that they have lost energy and it is what they need.

But doing this immediately after completing a sports activity will result in the production of the hormone somatostatin, which is nothing more than an anti-growth hormone.

In view of this, it is recommended to wait at least 2 hours or more to be able to consume a food that increases insulin levels in the blood.

Stimulate your liver

To learn how to stimulate growth hormone in children, it is important to acquire a basic understanding of liver function.

Being in healthy conditions, this organ secretes a hormone known as IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor type 1) that, when working in a similar way to insulin, allows the strengthening of the organs and consequently accelerates the growth of the child.

Thanks to this hormonal factor that occurs mostly in childhood and adolescence, it is possible that the development stage passes without any setback.

To maintain a healthy liver, the main thing is to maintain a balanced diet, as well as constant hydration of the body.

Alcohol is a negative factor for liver function, since if the adolescent or young person in the development stage has a tendency to consume alcoholic beverages, they are prone to their liver being affected and consequently IGF-1 levels drop, from Human growth hormone and as mentioned above, testosterone hormone will also be affected.

Apply what you have learned

Unfortunately, few people take into consideration the importance of human growth hormone in the body, so they do not make an effort to stimulate its production.

Take into account that the increase in human growth hormone levels is for the individual's own benefit, since among the positive consequences that growth hormone provides, there are the decrease in abdominal fat and the early recovery of injuries.

In conclusion, since you have known the effects of growth hormone and the suggestions to increase its levels, you will have realized that they are not difficult to comply with, in addition, they contribute to your pocket, so do not hesitate to put into practice these tips and go to the doctor to stay healthy now that you are in full development.

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