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by maya justin (19.07.2021)

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There are many factors that cause stress, including food. Although, do not believe it, there are certain components of food that cause fatigue, constipation, poor digestion, bringing with them a certain degree of stress.

Among the foods that can make us prone to more stress are: coffee, salt, sweets, sweets, fried foods and high in saturated fat, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

Nutritionists eliminate a large part of these foods from the list, because apart from generating anxiety, loss of concentration, they are harmful to health.

That is why the importance of having a balanced diet, full of proteins, vegetables and high in fiber; accompanied by an exercise routine or the practice of any sport that you like.

It is worth noting that excess stress has negative effects on your body, mood and behavior, being in many cases irreversible.

In the long term, a poor diet can lead to problems such as impaired memory, learning ability, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, and poor immune system function.

Foods that help fight stress

However, there are several foods that you can consume to prevent the development of these diseases and that can put aside drugs or traditional medicine. With them we prevent our mood and anxiety from reducing.

It is a natural way to combat stress and improve our anxiety levels.

Green Tea

The green tea has become a very popular plant for its amazing health properties, and for thinning. Today you can find any presentation of green tea, although its natural intake is the most effective.

In turn, due to its powerful antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids and catechins, they help to have a positive state of mind, due to its calming effect on the mind and body.


It is some wild fruit rich in antioxidants, and it tastes great. It also contains vitamins C, vitamin E, along with minerals like magnesium and manganese.

Regular consumption of blueberries helps you in treating mood disorders, depression, insomnia and others.

You can consume it for breakfast, it is a fruit that can be added to your pancakes, toast, cereal, juices or fruit salads.


This vegetable contains a good amount of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, reducing stress hormones in the body, which will stabilize your mood.

You have several alternatives, you can consume a cup of spinach a day, make a rich cream, salad or it can even be one of your ingredients in a smoothie that you like.


Almonds have become famous, especially in the fitness world. You wonder why.

It is a delicious and guilt-free snack because it is low in fat, has healthy oils full of vitamin E, vitamin B, magnesium and zinc; a wonderful source of fiber. Lower your blood pressure and increase your energy level.


The omega 3 in salmon increases brain chemicals such as serotonin and regulates stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

It is recommended to eat two or three servings of salmon a week.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate is our best ally, especially to women when they are in their days. Besides, who doesn't melt for a chocolate? However, if you do not want to feel remorse and also try a healthy food, you can opt for dark chocolate, because it is natural, without chemical additives, low in fat and calories.

Chocolate is synonymous with happiness. According to various studies, consuming around an ounce and a half of dark chocolate a day can greatly reduce the level of stress hormones present in the body.


The vitamin C in oranges lowers cortisol and blood pressure, which reduces negative responses to stress. In addition, it gives us a boost to our immune system.


Asparagus is high in folic acid, which is beneficial if you are feeling a bit depressed as anxiety and depression are linked to low levels of folic acid.


A handful of blueberries contains a high number of antioxidants and vitamin C, an ideal combo to repair our cells and fight stress.


Oatmeal is rich in B vitamins, magnesium and fiber, it supports the good health of our nervous system and works as a mild sedative. That is why it is recommended to reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Balance exercises can help you maintain your balance and confidence at any age. If you're an older adult, balance exercises are especially important because they can help you prevent falls and maintain your independence. It's a good idea to include balance training along with physical activity and strength training in your regular activity.

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