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by sherly sylvia (13.07.2021)

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We propose a few tricks to cook with fewer calories by simply making a few small changes to the recipes that you like the most.

Reducing calories in the diet in most cases is something we can do almost without realizing it and without making major changes to our recipes or our economy. Doing so is as easy as changing some habits that are now always easier in summer.

It is not about eating only vegetables, which I know it costs many of you, but about applying small changes with which without realizing it we can save a few empty calories from our diet, those that do not feed and as soon as they reach our body, they get so fond of him that they settle in it and stay there.

And no, miracles do not exist, but there are a few tricks to cook with fewer calories, adapting almost any recipe so that it continues to be just as rich and feels much better.

Tricks to cook with fewer calories

It is not about not eating sweets, or declaring war on oil or turning into a chard with legs, or getting depressed in front of a tasteless dish.

Cut down on the sugar, but don't give up on the sweet

By now we all know that white sugar does not bring us benefits, but we all know that the brain needs sugar to function properly, because that is where it gets its energy from. To reduce calories in sweets you can do the following:

  • Sweeten the desserts with healthier alternatives than sugar that we already talked about in detail in this post.
  • Avoid juices with added sugars and opt for natural soft drinks or natural juices and smoothies reduced with ice or with sugar-free vegetable milks.

Cut down on fat, but don't give up on flavor

Reducing calories does not mean eliminating fat either, as our body needs fat, but the good ones, yes, in moderate amounts.

  • Avoid fried foods and gradually opt for lighter alternatives, such as preparing French fries in the oven or in the microwave. And when you feel like snacking on something, choose these healthy vegetable snacks, these crunchy spiced chickpeas or these homemade low-fat nachos instead of commercial fried bagged snacks.
  • Change the mayonnaise traditional for yogurt sauces, mayonnaise homemade low - fat or hummus recipe.
  • Change the cream for Greek yogurt or whipped cheese 0% fat, and if you want whipped cream for a dessert, use the trick to whip milk as if it were cream or lighten the traditional whipped cream by incorporating some whites whipped to the point of snow, you will add proteins and you will subtract fat and calories.
  • Try to add the oil at the end when you cook grilled vegetables, as some such as zucchini or aubergine absorb a lot and are heavy, on the other hand, if they are cooked in a good non-stick pan and drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil once roasted, they will be even richer.
  • To get juicy burgers with fewer calories, a trick that works very well is to make them with lean meat and swap all the fat for some vegetables, such as poached onions or peppers or sautéed mushrooms.
  • Replace the bacon and bacon with other ingredients with less fat and more protein such as serrano ham, loin, or cooked low-fat cold cuts such as cooked ham, ham and turkey breast, or even turkey bacon that has been marketed for some time and that you have already seen us use in a recipe such as these salmon, bacon and eel rolls. As I know that you are going to ask me where to buy this invention, I tell you that I have only tried the one from ElPozo that can now be found in almost any supermarket and taking into account that it contains 70% less fat than the original bacon, it has more protein and the flavor is well achieved, although at first, I was reluctant to try it, now more than once it comes home.
  • Choose the leanest pieces of meat, remove the visible pieces of fat and when cooking, choose to prepare the food on the grill or cook it in fat-free broths or in juices that will provide an extra flavor as in this recipe for roast chicken without fats.

Carbohydrates? Yes, but slower

Cooking with fewer calories and, incidentally, healthier, does not mean declaring war on bread and potatoes, or on rice or a good pasta dish. In fact, they are great for spicing up vegetable dishes.

  • Add vegetables like zucchini, squash or cauliflower to mashed potatoes and add a piece of avocado to make them creamier instead of using butter.
  • Between a plate of lettuce and tomato that many find sad and a plate of fried potatoes with breaded fillet or a pasta with cream and butter sauce there are delicious middle terms such as this Galician fish stew, this rice with paprika vegetables or this pasta with vegetables that could be lightened even more by changing the chorizo ​​for tuna.
  • Change refined cereals for whole grains, you will add more fiber and you will change fast carbohydrates for slower ones that will not quickly turn into fat and will keep you hungry for longer.

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