Balanced Slim Keto-What is eye discharge a symptom of?

by fiona basil (02.07.2021)

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The ocular effusion, subconjunctival hemorrhage or hypophagma, appears as a red spot, due to the rupture of some blood vessels and capillaries in the eye, which usually heals spontaneously when the blood is reabsorbed in the ocular conjunctiva (very thin layer that covers the eye). It is a frequent clinical sign and in most cases it is harmless.

Generally it does not affect vision and evolves naturally without symptoms or discomfort, in most cases the person perceives its presence as a casual finding when waking up and looking in the mirror, appreciating a red area with an unsightly spot on the eyeball, shiny appearance that progressively disappears between 8 and 10 days later, however, cases have been described in which it takes a month or more to disappear.

Causes of eye effusion

Most of the cases the etiology of the ocular hemorrhage is nonspecific, however, there are some conditions that can explain its appearance, for example:

  1. Eye trauma

Contusions, blows or perforations in the eye can cause an ocular effusion, even when the kinematics of the trauma is slight, causing the appearance of the blood stain on the conjunctiva.

  1. Malformation or abnormalities in the blood vessels of the eye

These anomalies follow a congenital or hereditary pattern, that is, there are several cases in the family.

  1. Sudden increase in intraocular blood pressure

As a result of sneezing, strong coughing, bending over suddenly, lifting heavy objects or vomiting, this increased pressure in the eye can cause capillaries to rupture.

  1. Some pathologies such as diabetes, rheumatological diseases or anemia

As part of the clinical manifestations of these diseases, it can occur with the appearance of subconjunctival hemorrhage , since they affect coagulation factors.

  1. High blood pressure

Especially when the blood pressure figures exceed the mean arterial pressure. High blood pressure ocular effusion is one of the most common causes of this condition.

  1. Some medicines

Medications that alter blood pressure and clotting factors can lead to spills in the eye.

  1. Inflammation of the conjunctiva

It is generated as an ocular reaction to aggressive external agents.

  1. Disorders of ocular venous circulation

They cause occlusion in the retinal venous vessels on multiple occasions, causing, in turn, macular edema or vitreous hemorrhage.

  1. Eye cancer in extreme cases

This is not a common condition. 3 types of cancer have been described that mainly affect the eyeball.

  • Adult: melanoma and lymphoma.
  • Children: retinoblastoma.

Natural alternatives for treating eye bleeding

Most of the cases, the ocular effusion does not require medical treatment, because as the blood deposited in the subconjunctival space is reabsorbed, as a result of the rupture of the ocular capillaries, this stain disappears.

In general, the symptom begins with a bright red appearance, which gradually takes on a darker and more intense coloration, and is finely drawn with a yellowish coloration in the anterior chamber of the eye.

It is recommended to avoid sleeping supported on the affected side, to avoid the consumption of liquor, tobacco and to properly control the underlying pathologies (diabetes, hypertension, anemia, rheumatological diseases, among others).

Here are some natural alternatives to treat eye bleeding:

Cold compresses

Place the sterile cold compress on the affected eye, this will generate an increase in ocular blood flow, reducing local inflammatory factors caused by blood extravasation, thus stimulating blood reabsorption and the reduction of local edema.

Potatoes or cucumber

Cut the potatoes or cucumber into slices and place them in the refrigerator, when they are very cold, apply them to the affected eye for 10-15 minutes.

Tea bags

Dip the tea bags in cold water, and apply for 10-15 minutes with your eye closed. You can also use: chamomile, fennel or green tea.


This tuber has anti-inflammatory action. Grate the carrot and apply it with a compress on the affected eye.

Finally, it is recommended to take a nap, avoid exposure to ultraviolet light screens for a long time and if the symptoms persist or appear mitigating, consult your doctor.

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