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by sherly sylvia (30.06.2021)

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The health benefits and healing properties of pineapple are astronomical. As the only known source of the enzyme bromelain, pineapple offers unique natural remedies and prevents a host of conditions, from cancer and hair loss to colds and mental fatigue.

This fantastic fruit called pineapple or pineapple in other places, is also an excellent source of vitamin C and therefore increases fertility and hair growth, stimulates the immune system and replenishes cells throughout the body.

Pineapple is a fruit associated with the exotic coasts of the Caribbean and it is sweet, its juicy flavour transports your palate to tropical islands and idyllic beaches. Many people assume that something that tastes so delicious must be unhealthy, yet pineapples completely defy that assumption; It has innumerable nutritional properties beneficial for physical and mental health.

8 reasons to eat pineapple every day

There are many ways to incorporate pineapple into your diet, be it in desserts, or in sumptuous and delicious savoury dishes, and it is a wonderful way to brighten up boring meals and add a sunny glow to cold, dreary winter days. Here are 10 reasons besides it's a delicious fruit to eat a slice of pineapple every day.

  1. Helps with digestion

Inside the soft sweet flesh of a pineapple is a compound known as bromelain, which contains enzymes proven to aid digestion due to its deconstructive properties. Bromelain is used around the world in anti- inflammatory medications, but it occurs naturally in pineapple, so a few slices before a rich meal like a steak with spiced sauce will ease discomfort and encourage smooth bowel movements. Pineapple is also the well-known natural source of bromelain, so the anti-inflammatory properties of this fruit are totally unique.

  1. Helps in the fight against cancer

Pineapple meat and juice burst with vitamin C; a strong antioxidant that has been shown to prevent the creation of cancer-causing cells known as "free radicals." Scientific studies recognize the protective and preventive role of pineapple against prostate and colon cancer in particular, which also suggests that the inflammatory properties of bromelain help reduce the side effects of cancer.

  1. Increases fertility

Diets rich in antioxidants are unanimously hailed as beneficial for increasing fertility, and pineapple is packed with vitamins and minerals like zinc and copper. These nutrients are highly recommended for couples trying to conceive due to their beneficial properties associated with reproduction. In addition, pineapple contains elements that prevent nausea and, therefore, it is extremely useful for pregnant women who experience morning sickness and those who suffer from movement sickness during transport.

  1. Increase energy

Eating pineapple is a great way to help banish that premonitory sense of fatigue due to the fact that it contains manganese, a mineral that not only prevents cell damage but is also vital for energy production. Manganese is an integral factor in the production of enzymes necessary for the regular release of energy; incorporating pineapple into your diet will help you eradicate lethargy.

  1. Gives the skin intense shine

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of bromelain, pineapple is hailed as a fantastic cure for skin problems when used internally and externally. In addition to reducing redness and inflammation, pineapple increases collagen levels in the body, resulting in smoother and more supple skin. As it is an excellent source of vitamin C, damaged skin tissues are repaired much faster and thus the healing time of external and internal injuries increases. Take full advantage of its rejuvenating qualities by applying freshly squeezed pineapple juice to your face for 10 minutes or grinding chunks to create an exfoliating scrub as a blood stimulant and to remove dead skin.

  1. It is nutritionally dense

Pineapples contain a large number of vitamins and minerals established for the maximization of your physical and mental health. A cup of fresh pineapple offers 131% of your daily requirement for vitamin C, which emphasizes the excellent source of vitamin C it is. Also, this fruit is certainly not an indulgence as 1 cup only contains 82 calories, plus absolutely no fat or cholesterol. The same cup will offer you 2% of your vitamin A, calcium and what you need from iron per day as well.

  1. Thickens hair and softens the scalp

The preventive health qualities of vitamin C help eradicate damage caused by destructive cells called free radicals, known to break down hair cells and inflame the scalp. The exquisite enzymes that live within the juicy flesh of this nourishing fruit have also been proven to thicken and enrich hair, increasing elasticity and promoting faster growth, due to the re-constructive properties of the vitamin. C. Mix some freshly squeezed pineapple juice with a little almond milk and olive oil, and leave on hair for 10 minutes for a glowing shine and luscious thickness.

  1. Boost immunity and cure ailments

Pineapple's rich antioxidant content boosts immunity by promoting cell reproduction. The abundance of vitamin C also thwarts microbial infections that lead to colds, coughs, and debilitating sore throats. Indulging in juicy pineapple slices can prevent and help heal many of these common ailments. The anti-inflammatory properties of bromelain also help reduce sore throats and eradicate sinusitis; a condition caused by inflammation of the sinuses. On the other hand, pineapple also helps fight the more serious inflammatory infections of the airways, such as bronchitis and colds, by reducing inflammation throughout the body.

Ways to incorporate pineapple into your diet

  • Due to its tantalizing tropical flavour, pineapple is just as delicious on its own as it is in creative culinary combinations.
  • For a breakfast, make coconut milk oatmeal, sprinkle on some dried coconut then top with small chunks of fresh pineapple and a pinch of mint for a truly tropical start to the day.
  • Renew your lunch hour by savoring the strong, sweet and savoury flavours of a pineapple, prawn and cucumber salad, or add thinly sliced ​​pineapple to whole grain sandwiches filled with either grilled ham or organic low-fat cheese for a twist. healthy in a classic.
  • For dinner, reach pineapple perfection with these surprising fusions; Make your mouth water with this delicious combination of softly fried pineapple with cooked rice and spicy-marinated meats, or dominate an Asian classic with sweet and sour chicken and pineapple, a dish bursting with flavour and freshness. Use organic meats if your choice is meats.
  • Use pineapple in desserts as a refreshing pineapple sorbet, or melt some high-quality dark chocolate, infuse it with finely chopped chili, and drop it over grilled pineapple for a fabulous fiery treat.

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