Gluconite - What alcohol can I drink and still lose weight?

by maya justin (29.06.2021)

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We are confined and in turn we have begun to buy and consume more alcoholic beverages. There is something you can do to keep drinking and not get too fat

The alcohol consumption has soared with confinement. Spaniards are at home because of the coronavirus epidemic and we are beginning to buy what we consumed in bars and restaurants in the country.

The beer, in fact, has become the flagship product. In relation to the consumption registered last year, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, its consumption grew by 23.3% the first week, 35% the second, 41.9 the third and 70.1%, the fourth.

Also spirits, that is, distillates, rose by 21.2% in the first week to reach 70% , the fourth. Wine, for its part, has gone from + 6% to + 62.6%.

And since alcohol does not go well alone, we have also stocked up on snacks and nuts, whose consumption has soared to + 78.2%.

All this, as is evident, is going to take its toll on our silhouette, because we are drinking and consuming without hardly moving.

The goal: not to chop carbs with alcohol

Although it would be recommended that you do not consume any alcohol, if you are reading this you may not even consider it. Therefore, the wisest thing you can do is drink only what makes you less fat.

The goal is to limit carbohydrates, because if you eat too much your body will begin to accumulate the extra calories and convert them into fat. If you are one of those who gain weight easily, you should consume a maximum of 20 grams of carbohydrates daily. In addition, it is important not to snack with alcohol, since it is what really makes us fat.

The aperitif is more fattening than the alcohol itself

A beer, for example, only has between 80 and 90 heat í ace! One third would be about 170 calories. "Everything will depend on its alcohol content, but has more to s heat í as milk admits Merçè Roca Farran, an expert in diet and nutrition, and nutritionist at the Instituto Javier de Benito. Beer does not have fat and does have B vitamins and sugars”.

<p ">" The problem is the chips and peanuts with the accompanying ñ masters. If we substitute for cockles or a pickled cucumber, we have a very healthy and low - calorie snack, "says Dr. Margarita Rodriguez, Endocrine at the London Clinic.

Spirits, bareback

Although the best thing, obviously, is that you do not even drink, you can do it without gaining weight if you drink the spirit drink without soda, since whiskey, gin, rum, tequila or vodka, if consumed 'bareback', do not have to what to make you gain weight, since they have basically zero carbohydrates despite containing calories.

And if you are more into cocktails, the ones that are less fattening are the Tom Collins, the Highball, the Martini, the Gimlet and the Gibson, which have less than 1 gram of sugar per unit. The most popular are the Manhattan, the Bloody Mary and the Rob Roy.

Some people will check their blood sugar daily or multiple times a day, sometimes using a continuous monitor that is worn on the body particularly those who have type 1 diabetes or who have type 2 but take insulin. Yet how frequently a person should monitor their blood sugar is based on a number of factors, including but not limited to whether they’re on insulin, whether they're taking oral medication, and how well their blood sugar is controlled and how old they are.


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