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by nana fananas fananas (28.06.2021)

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Quran Sheikh Institute

Learn Quran Tajweed online:

Since the Qur’an is the book of Allah and Allah has said it in the Holy Qur’an: “And read the Quran very well”.

Therefore, we should read the Qur’an in a good way so that we may receive the full reward from the Allah Almighty. The only way to read the Qur’an very well is to read it with Tajweed Online. There are certain rules of Tajweed Quran that can help reading the Qur’an efficiently.

Quran Sheikh is an institution where, in addition to other good deeds, Quran Tajweed Rules are very well taught. There are separate classes for males and females. You can also take classes in the form of a group. Also, if you want to take one-to-one classes, this is also available. There is a three days free trial also. You can join us by clicking on contact us.

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