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by sherly sylvia (16.06.2021)

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Whether you're trying to lose weight, maintain weight, or adopt a healthy lifestyle, talking about the worst body drinks is a must. Because it is not about sitting at a table or preparing to eat, but something much more practical and dangerous, most of us do not pay much attention to the liquids that are poured into our bodies, but we should. Take a look at the worst body drinks below.

10 of the worst body drinks

Commercial juice drinks

Most commercial juices are loaded with a lot of sugar and the damage that this produces to our health is of considerable scope. This is one of the worst drinks for the body but we can tell you that the best option is always to prepare freshly made natural juices.

Coffee smoothies

They can contain up to 800 calories and 170 grams of sugar. To avoid overload, choose some type of plant milk, especially almond milk sweetened with natural sugars.

Flavored waters

Most also contain artificial sweeteners and fake vitamin advertisements. It is recommended to select those that contain only filtered water and natural flavors on the label.

One of the worst drinks is soda

Excessive consumption of soft drinks has been linked to obesity, including diet sodas which, although they are presented as "healthy" quite the opposite, are the worst drinks for the body.

Frozen mixed drinks or frozen juices

Mixers are the culprits here, usually full of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners that make these harmless sachets of juice a potential problem for the health of the little ones, causing problems from respiratory, to mental alterations. These easy-to-find products are one of the worst drinks for the body.

"Healthy" fruit smoothies

Generally, those that are the smoothies sold in the fast food or fast food and do not always have real fruits and are full of sugar. For a healthier option, making your own juice or smoothie is recommended so you can control the ingredients just like this flavorful blueberry smoothie with no added sugar.

Hard liquor

After 2 drinks, the risk of obesity and other health problems increases. If you are going to drink, keep your intake limited and don't overdo it.

Lemonade already made

Avoid ready-made sodas and make your own drink where you are sure to avoid preservatives and artificial colors. Opt for anything less sugar or try to use honey or natural sugar like stevia to sweeten, which is another invaluable health advantage.

Sports drinks

Electrolytes are good when you've sweated excessively, but most drinks also have a lot of sugar and preservatives that you don't need.

Energy drinks

It is possible to get a burst of energy, but it will be a short-term solution, because it is from an overload of caffeine and sugar, see in the next article for details of the health problems caused by energy drinks.

Finally, always, the best drink for our body is and will be Water. We recommend you read these more than 30 reasons to drink water.

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