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by maya justin (20.05.2021)

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Those who drink too much alcohol have serious consequences on their health. The effects of alcohol abuse on the brain and almost all other organs can be dramatic. These are some of the risks of harmful or abusive alcohol consumption.

Effects of alcohol on the body

During the holidays, abuse in the consumption of alcohol is very common, which causes considerable damage to our body. Here you will find 7 reasons why it is advisable to refrain from excessive intake of alcoholic beverages and thus avoid damage to your body:

  1. In the brain, alcohol in excess inhibits the functions of the frontal region, thus diminishing memory, attention span and self-control.
  2. In the liver, the effects of this metabolism are nausea, vomiting and headache, and long-term irreparable damage when consumed in excess.
  3. In the kidney, it removes more water than it takes in and causes the body to look for it in other organs. This causes the meninges (membranes that cover the brain) to lose fluid, causing the headache.
  4. In the stomach, alcohol increases secretions rich in acids and improves digestion, but when it is drunk in excess it causes erosions in the stomach lining produced by ethanol, the main component of alcohol. Heartburn will be greater if different drinks are mixed, since gastric irritation is due to all the components drunk.
  5. On the skin, alcohol increases blood flow, resulting in more sweating.
  6. In the lungs, alcohol makes breathing faster. If the circulating alcohol is too much it will stop your breathing.
  7. On the heart, the effects of alcohol cause an increase in heart activity and a racing pulse. When alcohol reaches the blood, there is a decrease in the sugars present in the circulation, which causes a feeling of weakness and physical exhaustion.

When several of these factors are combined, what is popularly called "hangover" or "hangover" is presented. Some studies reveal that it is a product of the metabolic processes of the liver, the diuretic effects of alcohol and the decrease in blood sugar; that is, the manifestation of the effects listed above.

The damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption

You run these risks if you consume alcohol too often and in large amounts:

Hepatic injury

Too much alcohol will negatively affect many areas of the body. First of all, your liver will be damaged. This organ is particularly affected by excessive alcohol consumption. Typical consequences of alcohol abuse are enlargement and hardening of the liver, resulting in end-stage cirrhosis of the liver (reduced liver function).

Symptoms are often not noticeable at first, then it ranges from fever, jaundice, fatigue, and a swollen, pressure-sensitive liver, to more serious problems, such as bleeding from the digestive tract and worsening brain function.

Brain damage

The negative effect of alcohol is not limited to the liver; your brain is also massively damaged by consuming too much alcohol. Even with each individual poisoning, the transmission of information between brain cells is significantly disturbed. In the long term for high alcohol consumption, memory and concentration capacity decrease. Judgment and intelligence will also deteriorate, to irreversible deterioration.

Possibility of cancer

This addiction can also trigger cancer, especially liver cancer, in the oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, rectum, and mammary (female) gland.

Heart problems

The likelihood of heart muscle disease and high blood pressure is significantly increased by alcohol.

Alters the personality

The constant and excessive consumption of alcohol changes the personality, it can cause some of the following changes: unreliability, irritability, restlessness, exaggerated jealousy, multiple fears, depression and suicidal thoughts. The diagnosis of "alcohol mental behavior disorders" is the third most common in hospital statistics. In men, it is even the most common.

Other consequences

Alcohol is often the cause of inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) and inflammation of the gastric mucosa (gastritis).

Alcohol reduces potency and reduces sexual experience in men and women.

Too much alcohol consumption guarantees overweight and the typical beer belly.

Drinking too much alcohol puts your health at risk, and not just for alcoholics. If you habitually drink too much alcohol, it will damage your body and drastically reduce your life expectancy.

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BP Zone Zenith Labs Reviews

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