Reversirol Supplement Review-Should I workout with lower back pain?

by fiona basil (05.03.2021)

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The human body is a precision machine, one of the greatest engineering works in the world. In extreme situations, it is capable of resisting damage and external aggressions to levels that we would not even think of. However, other small routine details, which sometimes we do not even realize, can affect you a lot and in the long run "take their toll", causing chronic back pain and other more serious conditions.

How to sit well to avoid back pain

Here we will mention some postures to learn to sit properly and avoid back pain due to poor posture when sitting in the chair for long hours.

One of these details is a direct consequence of the sedentary life that we currently lead. In our country there are many people who, among the characteristics of the job, the journey from home to the office and then the rest time back home, spend most of the day in a sitting position. That is why it is essential to acquire correct postures if we do not want the poor back to end up crushed.

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More serious than it seems

The back pain is one of those treacherous pains that seem to only produce mild discomfort, not like other parts of the body, but that eventually leaves very annoyed to the sufferer. And it is not a minor issue: the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates in one of its reports that approximately 80% of the adult population worldwide suffers or has suffered damage in this area of ​​the body. Normally they begin only as simple pain that is not given greater importance, but if it is not acted on in time, they can transform into more serious problems such as muscle contractures, tendonitis or even low back pain.

Generally, the discomfort is due to strange postures in the chair, when we relax we tend to bring our hips forward, so that we almost lie down, leaving the spine very arched in the lumbar area (the one closest to the legs).

It can also happen that we spend the day looking at papers or a computer screen placed at too low an angle, so that the vertebrae that will suffer the most will be the cervical ones, in the neck.

How to sit well: straight lines

To avoid this, specialists recommend sitting with your back as straight as possible and fully supported against the back of the chair. In addition, the shoulders should be thrown back, to avoid bending in the neck and upper part of the trunk, and the knees should be at the same height as the hips, to distribute the body weight evenly. If necessary, a foot support can be used.

In this way we will ensure that the muscles of the spine do not tense more than necessary and also become stronger. In any case, even if it is a correct posture, it is not advisable to maintain it too long, since it will end up generating fatigue: you have to move from time to time, perform gentle stretches and get up and walk for a few minutes every so often.

It is recommended not to remain seated, in the same position, for more than 50 minutes, and to perform stretching or movements outside the chair, while standing, to improve circulation and promote health.

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