Silencil Pills Review -What foods make skin look younger?

by maya justin (01.03.2021)

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There are certain foods that are more effective than anti-aging creams

Nobody escapes the passage of time. The wrinkles and expression marks just appear sooner or later. What we can do is delay this process as long as possible or prevent it from happening. And although anti-aging creams are quite effective, there are certain foods that help us look younger.

The type of diet you follow determines your fitness level. That is, no matter how many moisturizers you put on, if you don't drink enough water, it will be useless. That is why you not only have to eat to be slim, but also to slow down (as much as possible) the passage of time.

The foods that make you look younger

Here is a list of healthy foods that help your body and skin stay young. Ideally, you should include them daily in your diet:

1) Extra virgin olive oil

The olive oil extra virgin is one of the healthiest fats in the world. Numerous research has shown that it can help prevent many common diseases associated with aging.

In addition, this liquid gold can also help the skin look younger. The studies have revealed that has anti - inflammatory effects on the skin and can protect it from sun damage (remember that radiation are the main causes of aging of the dermis).

It should also be noted that 73% of olive oil is monounsaturated fat, which is associated with greater elasticity and firmness of the skin. Come on, all advantages.

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2) Green tea

The green tea is rich in antioxidants, which can protect skin against free radicals, which are molecules that form in response to stress and make us grow old.

Green tea is particularly rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, which can protect collagen, the main protein in the skin. This can even reverse some signs of aging.

3) Fatty fish

The omega-3 fats in fatty fish protect us from the damage caused by sun exposure. And, among all of them, salmon stands out, which contains a carotenoid antioxidant called astaxanthin, which is responsible for its pink color and which is very good for the elasticity of the skin.

4) Dark chocolate

The chocolate contains antioxidants called flavanols, which protect the skin from sun damage and therefore reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The best is black, since the higher the cocoa content, the higher the flavanol content. So make sure to choose dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa.

5) Vegetables

The vegetables are not only rich in nutrients, but also contain carotenoids like beta - carotene. These can protect against solar radiation and free radicals, which can lead to skin aging.

Some of the best sources of beta carotene are carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes.

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6) Grenades

The grenades are one of the healthiest fruits. Its antioxidant activity appears to be even greater than that of green tea. These fruits decrease inflammation and help protect the skin from sun damage.

7) Avocados

The avocados contain unique compounds called fatty alcohols polyhydroxy which can help repair DNA damaged. In addition, its high content of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin provide additional protection for the skin.

8) Tomatoes

The studies have shown that tomatoes can protect the skin from harmful rays of the sun. Additionally, research has proven that eating tomatoes for 15 weeks reduces wrinkles.

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