Bp Zone Review

by maya justin (18.01.2021)

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For many people, the concept of blood pressure is abstract and puzzling. “Pressure is what makes your blood flow,” explains Bradley Artel, MD, FACC, FASE, a cardiologist and Aetna medical director. “The heart is a muscle. When it beats, it squeezes blood out the aorta, the largest artery. That pushes the blood forward throughout the body, from larger vessels to smaller, and from smaller vessels to the tiny capillaries that feed our organs and tissues.” Two numbers make up a blood pressure reading: Less than 120/80 (pronounced “120 over 80”) is considered normal. The top number measures the force when your heart muscle is squeezing and actively pushing blood throughout your body. That’s called your “systolic” pressure. The bottom number, or “diastolic” pressure, measures the lesser force when your heart is relaxed.







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